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Taryn & Jamie — Minted




Things to Do


  • Best Mexican food in San Diego (a highly debated subject): Fidel's, Roberto's, Tony's Jacal or Rudy's Taco Shop are all great options
  • Drive out to the coast and get fish tacos and a margarita at The Brigantine!
  • If you'd like to grab a more substantial meal before the Welcome Party begins at 7pm, take the transportation provided from Rancho Bernardo Inn to the Del Mar Plaza early and try out some of our favorite spots: Tamarindo, Monarch, Sbicca, or Del Mar Pizza


  • Make the most of Rancho Bernardo Inn! Book a spa treatment, hit the golf course or enjoy the pool.
  • Head to the coast for the day and hike Torrey Pines (fun fact: the location that Taryn and Jamie got engaged!)
  • Go to the beach! We love heading out to Del Mar or Fletcher's cove for a walk or run on the sand
  • The Rancho Benardo Inn also has a list of reccomended actvities that are closer to the hotel: Explore those items here